It’s Feb 29- that means it is the last “official” day of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

Congratulations!!! Here is to YOU- all of you who started, who commented and especially to those of you who blogged consistently throughout the month.  There was a powerhouse group Karen, Kim, Juan, Terry, Cliff and Kathy.  Also shout outs to Janet who shared her videos and to Kristin whose videos were shared all over.  I know […]

Happy Feb 28th- So much excitement on Day 28 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

This quote is one of  my favorites.  It rings so true for so many situations and opportunities.  It is one of the reasons I started my weekly call, The Thriving Revolution, to bring people together in partnership. I have been on a mission for over a decade to support people to live out their purpose […]

Happy Saturday and Day #27 of the Blog-A-Day Challege

Happy Saturday to you all!  One of my highest values is appreciation so I want to share with you a few ways to appreciate others. Praise Others Genuinely and Often Each time you give praise, you uplift another person and encourage yourself to adopt a more positive outlook on life. These are some tips for giving […]

It’s Friday and Day #26 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

As we enter the last few days of this challenge, I invite you to reflect upon the sharing that has happened so far and what you want to share moving forward. Much of my passion lies in helping people live into their greatness, both personally and professionally, and this begins at their core.  Values shape […]

Welcome to Day 25 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

Today, I invite you to step into being GREAT.  To connect with people in a bigger way, to live today with just a little more passion.  To pick a goal that you thought was a little too big and take 1 step toward it. Everyone is born with innate greatness and when you connect to that […]

Welcome to Wednesday and Day #24 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

Living each day with intention is a core focus of mine.  I begin everyday in my hot tub where I think about how I want to experience my day.  I review what I am going to do that day, who I am going to connect with and how I want to FEEL about all of […]

It’s Tuesday and Day #23 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

Thought I would do something fun for today, the 23rd of the month.  Here are some reasons why 23 is the greatest number of all time as stated by  I changed # 8 to It is Tennis Day because that is important to me (see my blog post on “Why I am addicted to Professional Tennis”) […]

Welcome to Monday and Day 22 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

Good morning!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to tackle our last week of the Blog-A-Day Challenge.  Time to play with some other mediums as I have seen some of our bloggers doing.  Think also about creating a way to have people connect with you beyond the challenge (special report, a […]

Welcome to Day 21 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

I love Sundays as they are a time to spend with family, a time for self-reflection, a time to review the past week and plan for the upcoming week. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday! 

Welcome to the Weekend and Day 20 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

WAHOO!!! We are entering the last 10 days of the challenge.  Keep up the great work.  Big shout outs to Kim, Karen, Juan, Terry and Cliff for consistently posting AND commenting.  And welcome to our new bloggers who have been sharing some great information.  Look forward to another great week! Enjoy your weekend!

Welcome to Day 19 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

If you are familiar with my work, then you know that helping people understand and live into their values is deeply important to me.  It is my mission to support people in living out their passion by creating businesses that support their dreams and desire to serve others.   Having each of you share what is important […]

Welcome to Day 18 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

Sorry for the delay- Having trouble with my site this morning.  Look forward to your posts today.

Welcome to Day 17 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

  Wow, the days seem to be flying by in this challenge. I was on a blab yesterday talking about how to repurpose of your content.  Since leverage is one of my favorite words, here are just a few tips about how to increase the visibility and reach of your blog posts.  I will be writing more about this […]

Welcome to Day 16 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge Feb 16, 2016

Get More Engagement for your Blog   Now that you have been writing for over 2 weeks and getting into a rhythm, I want to share some tips to expand your reach.  I will be expanding upon these on my blog today so I will post that later today.  Hope these tips help you and […]

Welcome to Day 15 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

Happy President’s Day You are at the halfway mark!!   Whether you have been blogging everyday or you have dropped off a little, make the commitment this week to get back on track.  Finish strong.  One easy way is to create a theme for the week and write different blog posts related to that theme. […]

Happy Valentine’s Day: Welcome to Day 14 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

Congrats on almost being halfway through the challenge! I am very impressed with the level of dedication you have shown to yourself and each other. We are almost halfway there (darn that leap year).  Please take a moment and complete this survey. I will keep it open until Monday at 5 PM ET and share the results […]

Happy Saturday: Day 13 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

Happy Weekend!! Wishing you a wonderful Saturday.  I look forward to sitting in front of the fire and catching up on my reading tonight.  Many of you may be doing the same. This weekend I invite you to try something new on your blog.  Maybe you decide to shoot a video or share a quote […]

Day 12 of the Blog-A-Day Challengers: And the winners are

Congrats to All of You!     You are all doing sharing such great information and support that each day I get excited to read what you have shared. Thanks for being so committed to yourself and each other.       There are a few people who have really stood out by their posts and […]

It is Day 11 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge Feb 11, 2016

  You are moving along like a well-designed machine and it is getting noticed. Please continue to share your wisdom and support with each other. I am traveling back home today and will announce the winners for week 1 tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience as I sort through all the blog comments!! Have a great day!

Day 10 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge: Happy Hump Day

Happy Hump Day!! We are at Day 10 and I just want to say “You Got THIS!!” Your posts have been interesting, engaging and informative which is just what will help your audience. With that, here is DAY 10! Keep Thriving!        

It’s Day 9 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge- Feb 9, 2016

  Thank you to those who completed the survey; appreciate the feedback.  Also LOVE how you are getting into a groove. Many of you commented about getting new ideas about how to blog and what to blog about and about the support of the community. You all ROCK!!!   Keep going!!!   

Welcome to Week 2- It is Day 8 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

What a great community we have here! Thank you to everyone who has participated this past week.  Also Thank you to those who have answered my poll about our 1st week of blogging.  Very much appreciate the feedback.  The survey closes at Noon today.  I am excited to read your posts this week! Enjoy and bring […]

Blog-A-Day Challenge Day #7- What a week!

This has been a great week and I want to say “Great Job everyone”.  From people blogging for the first time, to video blogs, to posts going viral, we had it all and it is only the first week!  The topics have been amazing, with posts covering mind, body, spirit, health and wellness and all […]

Wahoo- It is Day 6 of the B-A-D Challenge (2/6/16)

Welcome to the Weekend!  I know for some of you this is catch up time.  For others, this might be the time to try something new- a quote, an infographic, or perhaps even a video.  Great job Janet Vasil on all your video blogs (vlogs).   So keep posting, keep commenting and PLEASE Keep Sharing […]

Day 5 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge: Feb 5, 2016

Happy Friday to you all!  And a Big Welcome to a few new people who have jumped in over the past 2 days. So I have been asked if we are blogging over the weekend and the answer is YES!!  It is important to keep the momentum going and I find that it is easier […]

Welcome to Day 4 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge (Feb 4, 2016)

Hey B-A-D Bloggers!! You all rock!  I love the way you are engaging in conversation and also supporting one another.  Remember to also share via social media.  The increased visibility is happening.  Kristin Smedley has had over 800+ views on her blog in just the past 2 days.  Check it out if you have not […]

Blog-A-Day Challenge Day 3- Feb 3, 2016

Let the Blogging Begin….  Look forward to reading your posts today!

Blog-A-Day Challenge: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge: Congrats on all the great posts yesterday!  Here are a few things I want to clarify so please read carefully: Post your blog post first on your own pages (blog or Facebook) Post the link to that post in the comments on the day of the challenge […]

Blog-A-Day Challenge Day 1 (Feb 1, 2016)

Welcome to Day 1 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge: So excited to connect with you all.  Post your links and then please comment on each other’s blogs.  Come back here and engage in the conversation as well. Ready, Set, GO!!!!!

Blog-A-Day 2016 Welcome

Hey B-A-D Bloggers- Welcome to the Blog-Day-Challenge 2016.  For the month of February, post to your blog (an article, a video, a poll, an inspirational quote…) and then come back here and post the link in the comment section.  I am sharing a link to a previous post of mine as an example for you. […]